Runner’s Soul Marathon Club 2024

  • Note 1 The schedule for our 2024 season is shown below. All dates and distances are currently under revision. Revisions to the schedule will be ongoing until early January.
  • Note 2 Saturday and Sunday runs start at 8:00 AM from Runner’s Soul unless otherwise indicated.
  • Note 3 For those training for the marathon distance on Sunday and running 11 minute miles (or more), once the training distance is 18 miles or longer, you should start 1 hour earlier if you want to access the store after the run.
  • Note 4 Wednesday evening runs are at 7:00 PM and will coincide with the ExploreYQL routes until the end of April. Runs on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday will be combined with the ExploreYQL group.
  • Note 5 Clinics will be held in the Lethbridge Sport Council Community Room located in the Nicholas Sheran Pool and Ice Arena Complex (401 Laval Blvd. W.).
  • Note 6 Please click on the distances below to view the maps.


Monday to Wednesday: 10am – 5:30pm

Thursday: 10am – 8pm

Friday: 10am – 5:30pm

Saturday: 9:30am – 5:30pm