Runner’s Soul Marathon Club 2023

  • Note 1 The schedule for our 2023 season is shown below. All dates and distances are finalized for 2023 but revisions to maps and Wednesday night run updates will occur throughout the season.
  • Note 2 Saturday and Sunday runs start at 8:00 AM from Runner’s Soul unless otherwise indicated.
  • Note 3 For those training for the marathon distance on Sunday and running 11 minute miles (or more), once the training distance is 18 miles or longer, you should start 1 hour earlier if you want to access the store after the run.
  • Note 4 Wednesday evening runs are at 7:00 PM and will coincide with the ExploreYQL routes until the end of April. Runs on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday will be combined with the ExploreYQL group.
  • Note 5 Clinics will be held in the Lethbridge Sport Council Community Room located in the Nicholas Sheran Pool and Ice Arena Complex (401 Laval Blvd. W.).
  • Note 6 Please click on the distances below to view the maps.


Monday to Wednesday: 10am – 5:30pm

Thursday: 10am – 8pm

Friday: 10am – 5:30pm

Saturday: 9:30am – 5:30pm